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Intelligent, addressable fire alarm control panels for a wide range of new and retrofit applications from small installations to complex, multi-building applications.

The E3™ Series Expandable Emergency Evacuation System

Employing high-speed Velocity™ sensors, the E3 Series provides previously unattainable polling speeds and responses, together with the flexibility demanded by today’s emergency evacuation systems. In addition to high speed polling, Velocity™ series sensors feature bi-polar LEDs that flash green for normal polling and light red steadily to indicate an alarm. 

The S3 Series™

Exceeding NFPA Standards, FM Approvals and UL listing requirements:
The S3 Series offers a highly reliable innovated fire alarm system for small to mid-size buildings. 
Known for fire alarm and emergency communications technology innovation, we recognize the market’s need for a simple fire alarm system that is easy to use, simple to install, budget friendly and most importantly, protects the building and its occupants with the best in advanced technology.