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Our Life Safety Systems

Commercial Fire Alarms & Protection Systems

We offer different commercial fire alarm systems from trusted name brands depending on your budget, needs, and the size of your building. Our expert team will guide you through which system will be best for your property. These systems employ state-of-the-art sensors and alarms to ensure quick and accurate fire detection.

Fire Detection & Evacuation

Having a proper fire detection and evacuation system installed in your workplace will help reduce losses during a possible fire, including loss of life and property damages. This system can quickly identify fire and provide proper warnings to the entire building by utilizing sensors to detect smoke and flames.

Mass Notification

Being well-informed during an emergency event is essential for getting people to safety as quickly as possible. Our mass notification systems assist in getting important messages out to people efficiently and clearly.

First Responder Radio Enhancement

Clear communication between first responders during an emergency event, especially in and out of different buildings, is virtual to responding well. We offer first responder radio enhancement systems to allow clearer radio transmission signals.

Nurse Call Systems

A nurse call system allows a patient in a hospital or other similar setting to remotely alert health care professionals that they require assistance. We offer top-notch nurse call systems to ensure that patient needs will be efficiently communicated and will not be missed.

Gas Detection

Installing a gas detection system is another critical protection to ensure your workplace's safety. This system utilizes sensors to detect gas in the atmosphere and alert the building if necessary.

Complete Design-Build Installations

We provide complete design-build installations to create customized emergency systems for the safety of your building and employees. This service includes the servicing, maintenance, testing, and monitoring of your system once it is installed.

Testing, Maintenance, & Monitoring

Safeguarding your employees, visitors, and property starts with thorough system upkeep from our team of experts. Pyrotection Specialists Inc can provide regular testing and maintenance, as well as ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is working as it should.

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